How ttgo works?

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ttgo gives you a mobile experience to feel like it’s in your home country.  you use your home plan because no roaming. You can make calls, send and receive texts, and everything is just like staying in your home country.

Don't Carry it

Leave it.

If you leave your ttgo device at the office, dorm, etc. ttgo and the app won’t talk to each other – just leave ttgo on your desk.

go multiple country

Leave it still.

ttgo is not only available in one country. No matter where you travel outside of your home country, ttgo will continue to provide you with a roaming-free experience.

Similarly, you can leave your device in one place or you can bring it next country..

entrust your sim


If you don’t have room for a device or don’t have Wi-Fi, you can ask ttgo-team to help out.

ttgo can help you find a place to entrust your device.

Currently, this is done with an agency that has a contract with ttgo for foreign workers in hong kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

For more information, please contact our team.

Fitness Community

We are waiting for cooperative companies and partners to operate and distribute ttgo together in each country. We look forward to the participation of many partners to become the ultimate service to replace roaming. Please contact us below.