Meet the team who make us today!

TTGO will be the first service to ultimately eliminate roaming.  It is a service created by telecommunication experts with 20 years of experience. It provides a new experience through the development of NO-roaming communication-related technologies.

Our Vision

NO Roaming Anymore !
ttgo will replace it!

It takes a different approach to roaming, which is still a proprietary service of the big carriers. In the near future, we will make roaming obsolete and make ttgo available to everyone..

Our Mission

For Free and the same mobile identity wherever you are.

Expand our free service to make it available to everyone,


Build a stable service so that no matter where you are abroad, you have a single mobile identity that is just like being in your hometown. 

We are waiting for cooperative companies and partners to operate and distribute ttgo together in each country. We look forward to the participation of many partners to become the ultimate service to replace roaming. Please contact us below.