Keep your phone number abroad just like staying at your home.

ttgo gives you the freedom to keep your home number while abroad without roaming.

This is world first service!

ttgo device and app

With the ttgo service, all you need is the ttgo app and a ttgo device, and you can freely use your number abroad without roaming. All you need to do is just to insert your sim into that device and set up the app once. and you don’t carry devices while you are out. just leave it on your desk.

CaLL & sms reliable service

High-quality Voice and no latency SMS
with your number

Let's try it for free!

ttgo for FREE

If you’re going to someplace where a ttgo partner exists, you can use it for free through them. If you are traveling to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, please contact us and we can provide you with the contact information.

Keep your online account

You can persist your online account by OTP service abroad. You still can get Authentification SMS from your home country

Get a Incoming Call

Feel free to answer incoming calls.
There is no Roaming Charges.

Anywhre in the world

It's not just in one country, it's all over the world.

no devices and for Free.

If you know a ttgo partner or agency, you can use ttgo for free and even without a device.

Keep socializing with country

It's a great tool for keeping in touch with people back home.

Internation business number

If you do international business with your home country, ttgo might be a great tool.

Fitness Community

If you have any questions about ttgo, please contact our online support below.

Outgoing students, businesses, and workers working abroad all need ttgo. Workers who want to use it for free can contact us for more information.